Town Representatives

Building permit Administrator-Peter Carboni
Fire Chief-Stephen Solomon
Fire Warden-Jonathan Powers
County Sheriff-Domenic Richardi
Trustees of the Trust Funds-Kimberly Guptill, Colleen Cormack and Anne Merrow
Cemetery Trustees-Paul Brown and Colleen Cormack
Supervisors of the Checklist-Denise Hiland and Dorothy Solomon
Lower Mount Washington Valley Solid Waste District-Colleen Cormack
Historical Society-
Animal Control Officer-JoAnne Gayer
NH State Senator-Jeb Bradley
NH State Representatives-Susan Ticehurst, Ed Butler, Jerry Knirk
NH Executive Councilor-Michael Cryans
USFS Saco Ranger-James Innes
North Country Council Representative-Stephen Knox
Mount Washington Valley Economic Council-Sara Young-Knox