March 29, 2014

At the Wednesday selectmen’s meeting, it was decided that the selectmen should be dealing with enforcement issues on a more consistent basis.  Therefore, a letter has been drafted to property owners who placed structures without permits.  This letter is a reminder that they need to submit an application for approval of the structure.  The selectmen will be addressing long term goals on a monthly basis, thereby eliminating problems that could come up unexpectedly.  Such items would be discussions of renegotiation of contracts that are coming due during the year, creating new road standards with Curtis as well as a five year plan for road maintenance and/or upgrades, planning to digitize records to make searches more easily done, and having speakers from Forest Service and Sheriff’s Office, for example, attend selectmen meetings to alert the selectmen as to important updates.

According to the minutes of the selectmen’s meeting, Tin Mountain will be coordinating a Road Runners Club of America’s race on June 1.  The runners will cross Bald Hill Road that day, so be careful driving.

Kathy has a Tax Collector’s seminar on April 16, so the selectmen will hold their regular meeting the following Wednesday (the 5th Wednesday of April) instead.

Gibson Center: On Wednesday travel with friends to the NH Phone Museum that features not only phone memorabilia, but a room on the CCC and a room on the USS Kearsarge among other exhibits.  Lunch is on your own at the Foothills restaurant.  The bus leaves at 9am.  Call 356-3231 for reservations.

Library: Monday at 10:30am it’s Learn to Play, Play to Learn time.  At 6:30 pm join the Gardening Workshop for information about Bushes, Trees and Shrubs.

UNH Extension: April 2 continues the Jackson Library gardening series.  Ann Bennett who for 35 years has written a gardening column for the MountainEar, will explore techniques to maximize garden space and frost-free days.  Her topics include intensive growing methods, raised beds, succession planting and ways to extend the growing season on both ends. Saturday, April 5 from 10am to noon, join others at the Durgin Bridge Blueberry Farm, 64 Cold River Road, N. Sandwich to learn hands on how to prune fruit trees and bushes.  For further information call Olivia Saunders at 447-3834.

Do you have the time and inclination to become a CASA volunteer?  CASA workers advocate for children and youth in the Mount Washington Valley who have been abused and/or neglected.  New training courses are being given in North Conway starting March 29 from 9am to 5pm.  Thereafter on April 15 from noon to 4pm, April 24 from 9am to 5pm, and April 26 from 9am to 5pm.  If you’re interested, contact Jen Buteau  at 752-9670 or go to for the application form.

Remember to attend the delicious “Just Desserts” afternoon at Mountain View Community (the county nursing home).  There will be a selection of goodies and a silent auction. All proceeds go to the residents of the home. It will be held on April 6 from 3pm to 5pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $4 for children 10 and older.

Even if you don’t believe it, spring is here.  By state law it’s time to bring in your bob-house that’s on the lake or pond to avoid the problem of it sinking and becoming a hazard.

Because of this less than springlike weather, maple sugaring isn’t going too well.  Some local places are open though on weekends.  Try Weston’s Farm in Fryeburg, Black Mountain Sugarhouse in Jackson, Remick Museum Sugar House in Tamworth and/or 100 Acre Wood Maple Sugar House in Intervale for your sweet tooth fix.

Can you believe it?  Conway will be celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2015.  One of the plans for the celebration is a deck of cards commemorating the event with pictures of “old” Conway.  Sponsors can purchase a card to put historic memories on it.  For more information regarding Conway history, call the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce at 356-5701 ext. 304.

Albany folks are up and about even in this weather.  Bernadine Dubois spent the weekend in St. Johnsbury visiting with her daughter and other family members.  It was also a celebration of her sister Joan’s birthday.

The weather is bound to warm up soon.  Keep the faith and have a great week.

March 22, 2014

At the Wednesday selectmen’s meeting it was learned that Jack Rose attended the North Country Council Board of Directors meeting where the new executive director, Christine Frost, was introduced.  Other than Albany and a few Madison appearances, no one from Carroll County is represented at the North Country Council.  He feels they should try to instill participation from all of Carroll County.  Jack offered Albany’s town hall as a meeting place for all townships in Carroll County to attend a North Country Council meeting.  Christine offered to try to get a meeting together. Jack also asked Christine what could be done about stimulating the economy in the North Country.  With regard to the use of the town hall, Jack asked for the support of the other selectmen,  Both Rob and Kelly agreed that it was a good idea.

Mia Culpa!  There was a serious error in last week’s report of the Town Meeting.  It was reported that both Planning Board Amendments passed, but that was not so.  Amendment #2 did not pass.  A petition by property owners met the 20% commercial area affected by the amendment, therefore making the petition valid.  The amendment did not get the two thirds vote necessary and thus went down to defeat.  This was confirmed by the town’s attorney, Walter Mitchell, who attended the meeting.

This is a reminder about the Albany Birdhouse Contest being held.  You have only until April 1 (and it’s not an April Fool’s joke) to bring in your entry for the contest and win the $50 prize.  Information regarding the making of the birdhouse can be found at the library.  The winning birdhouse will be chosen on April 15.

Tin Mountain: Today from 9am to noon Sarah Frankel will be conducting an adult nature course in Phenology and Seasonal Observations of Rockwell Sanctuary.

Gibson Center: Thursday, April 24 at 3pm bring in a can (donation to the Feinstein Challenge) and join in the fun of the Bunkle Pizza Party.  Bunkle is a fast moving elimination game and instructions will be give the day of the event.  Please call in your request to attend (356-3231)so enough pizza is ordered.  On Friday after lunch there will be the Feinstein Dance Party, so bring a can in as a donation.


Library: Monday at 10:30am join the Learn to Play, Play to Learn workshop.  At 4 pm the Board of Trustees meets in the Ham Community Room. at 6:30pm it’s time for Gardening Workshop #2.

UNH Extension: Memorial Hospital, White Mountain Community Health Center and ServiceLink will be available to help you enroll on line for health care with the ACA.  Stop by the White Mountain Community Health Center, 298 Route 16 in Conway today, Saturday, March 22 between 9am and 2pm.  Calling for an appointment (447-8900) would be beneficial though walk-ins are welcome.  Bring with you SS numbers for all members of household, employer and Income information, policy numbers for any current health insurance plans and information of employer health insurance being offered (if any). The spring gardening workshop continues on Wednesday at the Jackson Library with Dr. David Walker, a well known local Veterinarian, talking about his passion for growing and showing Dahlias.  The session begins at 7pm. On April 2 from 10am to noon at the Conway office the Extension folks will host open office hours to answer questions of farmers.  Bring your problems there for help. From 10am to noon on April 5 at the Durgin Bridge Blueberry Farm in Sandwich you can learn how to prune fruit trees and bushes correctly.

Today from 10am to 3pm the Remick Sugar House will hold a tasting while educating people about maple products.  The admission is free.  Check it out.

On Wednesday, March 26 from 9am to 4pm the Visiting Nurse, Home Care and Hospice of Carroll County will be conducting some basic health screenings and answering questions about home health care services at their office in North Conway (old Lenox building).  The program is open to all and it is free.

Mark your calendar for a special treat on April 6 from 3pm to 5pm at Mountain View Community (the county nursing home) in Ossipee.  There will be a reprise of “Just Desserts” last year’s very successful fundraiser (presented by Friends of Mountain View).  There will be a selection of tantalizing goodies for a mere $10 per adult, $4 for children under 10 and those under 2 go free.  There will also be a silent auction.

On March 14 the Cranmore Snowsports Hall of Fame inducted five people into its ranks.  One of the inductees was Bernard Peters, Mary Leavitt’s brother. Bernie was a former Cranmore PSIA-certified school co-director and former racer.  Other inductees were Carroll Reed, Arthur Lynch, Michael Jacobsen and Curtis Bartlett.  Each inductee received a plaque and their photograph can be seen on the wall at Snowsports Hall of Fame at Zip’s Pub.

Condolences to Lisa Zack and the entire Zack family on the death of Lisa’s father.

So, it’s official.  It’s springtime.  So how come there’s over ten feet of snow in some places?  But, don’t let that deter you. Get out and enjoy. Have a great week.

March 15, 2014

Town Meeting has come and gone and the voting is over.  Albany voters came out in full force.  There were over 200 votes cast.  The results of the special election for District 1 Executive Council were Mike Cryans 109 to 105 for Joe Kenney.  Results for town government are: Selectman (3 years) is Jack Rose, Selectman (1 year) is Rob Nadler, Moderator (2 years) is Ed Alkalay, Trustee of the Trust Funds (3 years) is Richard VanDyne, Cemetery Trustee (3 years) is Kelly Robitaille, Supervisor of the Checklist (6 years) is June Johnson, and Supervisor of the Checklist (2 years) is Lisa Robitaille. School Board results are: School Board Member (3 years) is Joe Ferris, School Board Member (1 year) is Sara Knox, Moderator (1 year) is Ed Alkalay, Treasurer and Clerk (1 year each) is Kim Guptill.  Both amendments to the zoning ordinances passed.  The school board meeting started a  little past seven in the evening.  All articles on their warrant passed making it a short meeting.  The municipal budget however did not go as smoothly, but in the end the only changes were to add $10,000 to the Highway and Street budget and to reduce the money going to the Conway Area Humane Society by $500.  Thus the budget for 2014 is $667,232.  You may view the entire meeting on Valley Vision and see what went on.

Since Wednesday was snowy and two of the selectmen were out of area, there was no meeting.

Gibson Center: Call 356-3231 to set up an appointment for tax help with an AARP representative.  The St. Patrick’s Day meal at the Center will be Monday through Wednesday.  Wear green.  There will be Bingo on March 20 and to play you must bring a can as a donation to the Feinstein Challenge.

Library: Monday at 10:15am the AM Book Group will discuss “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker”.  At 10:30am there is a “Learn to Play, Play to Learn” workshop. At 6:30 pm “Gardening Workshop #1 “Be Seed Wise” begins.  On Tuesday at 6:30pm Rick Davidson will talk about Mt. Lions. Wednesday at 3:30pm register for “Edible Book Fest and bring in your creation. At 6:30pm join the group to learn to love your digital camera.  Also Thursday, March 20 at 7pm there will be a presentation “White Mountain Art & History: A Tour of the Notches” at the Weather Discovery Center presented by Bob Cottrell.

UNH Extension:The gardening series continues at Jackson Library with basic organic practices for everyday gardeners on March 19. On April 15 people across New Hampshire will wear purple to honor of our military youth for their strength and sacrifices. Purple symbolizes all branches of the military as it is a combination of all their colors.  Take pictures of a group wearing the colors and send it to UNH at to share with other military families.

Richard VanDyne says it’s spring in Albany.  Time for the birdhouse contest. Win the $50 prize by building a birdhouse that will be featured at Albany’s property along the Kanc and Swift River.  You can find information regarding the regulations for the birdhouse at the library including how to build the house, its size, and nesting location.  The house must be completed and brought to Town Hall by April 1 and the judging will take place on April 15.

Congratulations to Sandy Stowell on becoming a great-grandmother.  Her granddaughter Britney Sherlin, (Lisa’ daughter) gave birth March 11 to a 5 pound 11 ounce, 18 1/2 inch baby girl named Serenity Jade.

Bernadine Debois participated in her group’s bowling contest. Although she did not come out on top, she had a good showing.  Congratulations!

If we believe the calendar (and Richard VanDyne) it’s almost springtime.  So, put on your long johns and wear your boots and go out and enjoy the weather.  Have a great week!



March 8, 2014

Tuesday is Town Meeting and voting.  The polls open at 10 am and close at 6 pm.  On the ballot you will be asked to vote for a selectman for three years: either Joe Ferris, Robert Mathieu, John “Jack” Rose, or write in.  And a selectman for a one year term: either Sara Young-Knox, Robert Nadler or a write in. For Moderator for two years, the choice is Edward Alkalay or a write in.  For Trustee of the Trust Funds for a three year term, vote for either Richard VanDyne or a write in.  For Cemetery Trustee for a three year term, it’s Kelly Robitaille or a write in. There is no one running for Supervisor of the Checklist for the six tear term but June Johnson would like your vote. Again for Supervisor of the Checklist for two years, you will have to write in a candidate.  On the School Board ballot, you will again have to write in a name for all but the one year Moderator post where Edward Alkalay is on the ballot.  You will also be asked to vote on two amendments to the Albany Zoning Board Ordinances: Amendment #1 regarding residential and commercial building height limitations, and Amendment #2 regarding commercial setbacks.  Please go to and look under TownClerk/Tax Collector for complete information regarding the upcoming elections.  The Town Report is now at the office to be picked up.


Not only are we voting for town leadership on Tuesday, but there is a special election for District 1 Executive Councilor (the seat Ray Burton held before his death).


Tin Mountain: Don’t forget the annual First Season Dinner and Auction on March 15 at 5 pm.  It will be held at Fryeburg Academy Ada Wadsworth Arena.  There will be live music, bird songs and over 300 unique items to bid upon donated by area businesses and individuals.  They include fine dining, luxurious getaways, hiking gear, furniture, fine artwork, blown glass, sculptures and so much more!  This event supports Tin Mountain’s school, camp, and environmental education programs offered to area children and adults.  The cost for the evening, which includes a superb full prime rib dinner (vegetarian entrees upon request), is only $50 per person. Don’t miss this event of the season. On March 13  from noon to 1 pm, Nels Liljedahl will be presenting a piece on landscaping with native plants.  This is open to all.


Gibson Center: There will be three St. Patrick Day meals served this season.  They will be on March 13, 14, and 17.  Wear green and have fun! The Center’s bus leaves Wednesday, March 12 at 7am for the Boston Flower Show and returns about 7pm.  Call 356-3231 to reserve your seat. On Friday, the bus will go to Indian Head for a St. Patrick’s Day event.  Call for those reservations.


Library: Monday at 10:30am join the workshop “Learn to Play, Play to Learn”.  At noon there is an Early Childhood Mental Health Meeting.  And at 6pm it’s Open MIC Night.  On Tuesday at 6pm learn about your digital camera.  Wednesday, March 12 at 4 pm there’s a Girl Scouts meeting.  The White Mountain Amateur Radio Club meets at 6pm on March 13.


UNH Extension: At 7pm on March 12 at the Jackson Library, learn about “Seed  Starting and Saving”.


Memorial Hospital is running an exercise program and is looking for ten women over 40 who meet one or more of the following criteria:

personal or family history of breast cancer overweight began menstruating at age 12 or younger

BRACA1 or BRACA2 gene mutation

use of birth control pills

high breast or bone density or other benign breast conditions high level of estrogen on menopausal hormone therapy African American Ashkenazi Jewish Heritage If you fit the criteria and would be interested in this program, then call Ashlee Chaine at Memorial Hospital: 356-5461 ext. 2120.



Looking for some self-improvement courses?  Check out Kennett High School Career & Technical Center for their adult courses.  There are art classes, self-improvement classes, computer classes, business skill classes and more.

MWV Curling Club is starting an instructional program on March 8.  They will meet for two hours each day: March 8, 15, 22.  If you are interested in learning about this sport, contact Pat Kittle at

Fryeburg Acadamy will have an evening of jazz on March 12 starting at 7:30pm.  Go and enjoy!

Monday, March 10 from 7 to 8:30pm the MWV Choral Society will rehearse at Kennett Middle School.  They are preparing for their May concerts.  Check it out.

Sandy Stowell had a lovely poem and picture in the paper on Tuesday devoted to her loving dog, Luke, who passed on.  To those of us who have lost a pet, we can certainly commiserate with her.

Believe it or not, spring is almost here.  Have a great week and think spring!